Ribwort: New medicinal plant in 2014

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Naturopathy: Ribwort plantain is the medicinal plant in 2014

Plants have been used as medicinal herbs for various diseases for thousands of years. Because of the antibacterial and anti-cough effects, scientists from the University of Würzburg have chosen the medicinal plant Spitzwegerich as a medicinal plant of the year 2014.

Medical historian Johannes Gottfried Mayer says: "It helps with respiratory diseases as well as with the first wound care or insect bites." The healing substances are found in the leaves of the plant. These are laid out as a kind of film about the mucous membranes in the mouth and throat. Other components are hemostatic and antibacterial or promote wound healing. Laboratory studies have proven this, but there are as yet no clinical studies dealing with the plant. The awarding of the title is therefore to be understood as a "request to research" to examine the possibilities of this plant in more detail.

Acts against injuries, stings and infections
According to Meyer, a few chewed leaves are good for injuries in the wild that are simply placed on the wound. The whole thing can then be covered with whole leaves. This can help with insect bites, for example. If you have a cough, you can also pour tea. It is not only advisable to use ribwort: "It tastes a bit bitter," explains the medical historian. Therefore, there should always be some honey or sugar with you. (fr)

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