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50,000 signatures for osteopathy

Osteopathy is one of the treatment methods that have seen considerable growth in importance over the past decades. In the meantime, the services are often also taken over by the statutory health insurance companies, but so far there is no clear definition of osteopathy in this country as an independent job description. The Association of Osteopaths Germany (VOD) has therefore collected tens of thousands of signatures for the independent profession of osteopath.

A total of around 50,000 people signed the list of signatures for the independent profession of osteopath, VOD chair Prof. Marina Fuhrmann reported at the 16th International Osteopathy Congress in Bamberg to around 250 participants and speakers. In just three months, tens of thousands of supporters would have joined the VOD's demands and participated in the signature campaign. Prominent supporters in the VOD press release include the Prime Minister of Hesse Volker Bouffier, the chairman of the supervisory board of Adam Opel AG Hans-Wilhelm Gäb, the multiple European champion and Olympic Vice in table tennis Timo Boll, the beach volleyball Olympic champion Julius Brink and the hammer throwing World record holder Betty Heidler. "We are proud of this interim result and will continue to collect," emphasized Fuhrmann. Both the chairperson of the VOD and the other signatories have shown their amazement that the training and practice of osteopathy are still not legally regulated in Germany.

Regulation of the occupational profile of osteopathy in the sense of patient safety required At the osteopathy congress, the patron Melanie Huml, State Secretary of the Bavarian Minister of Health, and the health policy spokeswoman for the parliamentary group of Alliance 90 / The Greens, Elisabeth Scharfenberg (Member of the Bundestag), addressed the speakers with greetings and participants who came from 15 nations. The VOD chairwoman emphasized that there was general agreement that osteopathy should finally be regulated as a separate profession, similar to other European countries, and above all that patient safety must be guaranteed. The signature campaign expresses this demand.

Comprehensive information on the topic of osteopathy The focus of the three-day osteopathy congress was on salutogenesis (health education), perception, palpation and diagnostics, according to the VOD. Those interested could find out all about osteopathy at a VOD booth that was set up to accompany the congress in downtown Bamberg. Representatives of recognized osteopathy training centers were also available to answer questions from the population.

Latest research results from the field of osteopathy presented According to the VOD, "one of the highlights of the congress was the international symposium led by the Academy for Osteopathy with the presentation of the latest research results from Great Britain, France, Russia and Germany" as well as "lectures by top scientists other things from fascia research. ”According to the VOD, fascia refers to the thin connective tissue that surrounds every structure of the body and links everything together. The French doctor and hand surgeon, Dr., clarified how these fasciae lie under the skin. Jean Claude Guimberteau, during the congress with impressive videos, continued the VOD announcement. (fp)

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