Lawsuits against AOK hospital settlement

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Lawsuits against AOK hospital settlement

As the news magazine "Spiegel" reported on Sunday in advance, clinics want to defend themselves against the AOK hospital comparison. Two handles would start model processes against the hospital navigator.

Two model processes According to a "Spiegel" report, two clinics want to initiate model processes against the AOK hospital navigator. The St. Antonius Hospital from Eschweiler wanted to file a lawsuit with the Berlin Social Court and the Gummersbach Waldbröl District Clinic with the Cologne District Court. The judges responsible in each case had rejected urgent proceedings in both cases in September. The two clinics plan to file their lawsuit before the end of this year.

Legal obligation for clinics Since 2005, a law has obliged clinics to regularly publish in a quality report how well they care for their patients. The ratings of the AOK hospital navigator, which started almost three years ago, go beyond legal obligations. For example, the health insurance company can analyze anonymized billing data for its insured. The clinics want to defend themselves against this. The health manager at the Federation of German Consumer Organizations said positively when introducing the Navigator: "From the patient's point of view, this is an important step forward." The evaluation portal is open to all visitors, even if they are not insured with the AOK.

Good quality of care attested According to "Spiegel", the German hospitals are certified as "good quality of care" in the new quality report 2012. However, the paper that the Federal Joint Committee of Funds, Clinics and Physicians will present in Berlin this week complains of a worrying number of deviations. This is especially true when patients can have an artificial heart valve inserted through a catheter. The two clinics would receive financial help in their lawsuit from the North Rhine-Westphalia Hospital Costs Fund. According to a circular, the company plans to provide its members with a legal opinion at the beginning of November, which could be used by other “law-interested hospitals”. (ad)

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