Private problems? The boss should know that too

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Private problems? The boss should know that too

If you have private problems and then have them out of hand, it is very likely that you are not completely at work. Then errors can quickly occur because the performance deteriorates. When it comes to such drastic experiences as a divorce or death, very few can concentrate on the job.

Anyone who is in such a situation should report it to their superiors to prevent misunderstandings. Stephan Weiler from the German Society for Occupational Medicine and Environmental Medicine (DGAUM) advises this.

This avoids the impression that one may want to have a good time at work at the expense of the other employees. Once the boss has been initiated, you may even be happy to receive help in solving the problem.

Even if there is no close relationship, almost every person understands such moments. You don't necessarily have to go into detail right away. It is important to communicate that the reason for this is private problems and not because the work is no longer important to you or that you are not affected by a serious illness. In such situations, openness generally leads to an understanding of everyone involved. (fr)

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