Christmas cookies: curd cheese better than butter

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Quark instead of butter saves calories in Christmas cookies

Christmas cookies contain a lot of calories. The consumer information service aid in Bonn has therefore put together some tips for reducing calories. Quark contains less fat than butter and can replace it up to a quarter. You can also save unnecessary calories by greasing baking molds and trays by using baking paper instead of butter.

Fat and sugar provide plenty of calories in Christmas cookies Christmas cookies usually contain plenty of fat and sugar. In order to get through the Christmas season without unwanted love handles, the consumer information service aid advises either replacing normal butter with half-fat butter or exchanging a quarter for curd cheese. And another tip: "Greasing the baking pan is not necessary if it is lined with baking paper," inform the consumer advocates.

You can also save on high-calorie sugar. “In conventional recipes, the amount can usually be reduced by up to a third without changing the consistency of the dough. The different types of dough are different, so it's best to reduce the amount of sugar in tablespoons, ”says the information service.

Additional calories can be saved with the glazes and decorations of the Christmas pastries. Sesame, poppy seeds, coconut flakes, dried fruit and roasted oat flakes can be used instead of chocolate and sugar sprinkles. If you want to pay attention to your line, you can also save calories by choosing the cookie recipe. Vanilla biscuits, shortcrust pastry biscuits and shortbread biscuits have a much stronger impact on the calorie account than gingerbread or coconut macaroons.

Whole wheat flour is better than white flour
There is also a lot to consider with the type of flour. “Healthier is Christmas cookies made with wholemeal flour. In contrast to white flour, it also contains the valuable outer layers and the seedling of the grain. Whole wheat flour contains more vitamins, minerals and trace elements, ”reports the consumer information service. However, if white flour is replaced with wholemeal flour in the recipe, a little more liquid is necessary. The dough becomes soft and juicy with milk, water or juice, but also with fruits such as banana, baked fruit or apple sauce. "It is also important that the flour is ground as finely as possible and the dough is kneaded smoothly", explain the experts from aid. (ag)

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