Where to put extra pounds after the festival?

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So you will get rid of the excess pounds after the holidays

A lot of greasy food is traditionally served during Advent and Christmas. Most of the calorie bombs consumed still remain after the festive season. They adorn their bodies in the form of bacon. So how can you get rid of the extra pounds? The basic motto "less fat, more protein, enough vegetables, less sugar" is certainly a good way in the thicket, with which rapid weight loss is also possible. Whether you are slim in your sleep, low-fat or on the Atkins diet - they all promise long-term and healthy weight loss. But with little effort in the preparation of the dishes, clear effects can be achieved.

Dietary fiber has a satiating effect The nutrition scientist Marion Grillparzer from Munich recommends first of all to avoid animal fats and to consume more protein-containing foods "No meat, no sausage, no roast, no cream", she explained. You should rather eat more fish or tofu. This guarantees a filling of protein and the feeling of hunger sets in after a short time. If you don't want to do without vegetables, you can include vegetable soups in your menu, for example. These create a lasting feeling of satiety, "they stimulate the metabolism, they provide many nutrients per calorie, they warm," explained Grillparzer. Vegetables such as carrots, celery, leeks, parsnips, cabbage sprouts, kohlrabi, white cabbage and savoy cabbage are ideally suited for this if they are bought fresh. To increase the protein content, legumes such as peas, beans and lentils are ideal as an addition. The nutritionist also likes to use tofu or lupine as an insert for the soup. Lupins are also known as wolf beans or fig beans and are also legumes. They can be found on the cooling shelf, among other things, in the form of a schnitzel as a meat substitute. Just like soy protein, they are very popular among vegetarians.

More protein instead of carbohydrates and fats A light diet is certainly a key to quickly regaining your original weight. Furthermore, the switch to foods with a higher protein content is more satisfying than foods that contain carbohydrates and fats, says Nadine Röwe of the consumer information service "aid" in Bonn. She recommends estimating the right amounts when you start baking or cooking. This prevents residues from remaining, which are then consumed even though you are already full enough. A glass of water before eating also gives a feeling of satiety and the portions on the plate would then become smaller. Wherever possible, Röwe uses many whole grain products in main dishes, because they fill you up faster and longer and avoid the cravings for sweets. Those who also do sports accelerate their plans to reduce excess holiday pounds, because those who exercise use energy. At the same time, muscle mass is built up and the fat disappears. (fr)

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